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Friday, August 15, 2014

34w 3d - owie :(

Weight: 143lbs
Waist: 37''
Symptoms: lots of cervical jabs (stabbing pain), heartburn, nose bleeds, nausea, extreme fatigue, charlie horses in my legs at night, mild kidney pain, dry skin.

Last week I saw my OB for my latest checkup-- I AM MEASURING ON TRACK! My belly apparently had a huge growth spurt and I am doing great in terms of growth.

Baby is super low and feels completely vertical. The previous few weeks, I had felt more movement more diagonally (head in left hip, feet/bum in mid abdomen). Now I can feel the little bugger's head right down into my pubic bone! It can be quite painful, and I get a lot of sharp cervical jabs throughout the day.

Just from movement alone, I can tell this baby is close to or bigger than Audrina ever was in there. My belly says the same: I was 37'' around at 37 weeks with Audrina! I've never been so happy to be getting big. I am still a little apprehensive about delivery, but obviously this baby won't be a monster...just bigger than my little princess was!

Names for this child are still up in the air. We can't agree on anything. The current ones we've come up with are:

Catherine (Kate)


I still don't even know if I am sold on ANY of those, and DH and I still keep throwing more out there at one another. I'm scared this kid isn't going to have a name!

Last week, I was on vacation and it was awesome. I felt SO great. Spent time with DD and did lots of fun stuff, just me and her. It was really nice to have time with her, and she was such a good girl!

Being back at work this week has been challenging. I am SO uncomfortable. My butt, hips, back, and stomach hurt. I have been having more contractions and feeling just plain icky.

2 more weeks and I am on mat-leave. I cannot wait.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

31w 2d - What was I saying...?

Weight: 138.4lbs
Symptoms: nausea, kidney pain, contractions (maybe?), jittery feeling, heartburn, ankle pain, dry skin.

I saw my OB this morning. I've been feeling really nauseated, like my morning sickness is coming back. I've also been having more kidney pain again, and what feels like contractions (my tummy is tender and hard, but it never seems to stop?)

My OB ordered a urine culture to make sure I don't have an infection, and told me that if the pain keeps up, to go to L&D.

Later this afternoon, I did end up at L&D around 2:30pm. I was hooked up to the monitors and luckly the pressure, hardness and pain were not contractions. The OB ob call ordered an emergency ultrasound on my kidneys, and the results weren't surprising. While my left kidney is about the same as it was in May, my right is even worse and very dilated.

I spoke to my urologist, who happened to be on call and he discussed a stent again. He told me that it was up to me, if I wanted one, and to call him on Friday to discuss.


Just when I thought things might be normal for a while!

I'm just going to take a couple days off from work and see how I feel after resting..

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

30w 1d - Couldn't ask for better news!!!

  I just want to scream from the rooftops!


Only 3 days behind, which is in the normal range. I am ecstatic. If baby keeps growing along this rate, I will have a 7lb baby!

My tummy is still measuring about 1.5 weeks smaller, but that's ok, the ultrasound says baby is looking good! Cord flow and fluid is right on.

Baby is head down (another YAY since he/she was breech at the ultrasound last week).

We also were finally able to get a heart rate for the first time in months (baby is usually way too active to get a rate). 125-135bpm!

My BP is good, my weight is good, my kidneys are giving me minimal discomfort.

I am just going to enjoy this moment of normalcy in my pregnancy. I don't think I have ever had this before!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

29w 1d - lots of appointments

Symptoms: mild kidney pain, tired, lots of movement from baby, yeast infection, nose bleeds, dry skin, nails growing like weeds, nesting like a mad woman.
Weight: 138.4lbs
Today I had lots of appointments.. yay!

First, I was supposed to see my OB this morning, but it didn't happen :( When I got there, everything was great. They put me in one of the patient rooms, and I waited. There was a medical student there, so she came in and went over the routine questions and measurements. She measured me as being 28.5w, but I am not sure the accuracy of her measurement. She tried to find the heartrate, but as usual, baby was having a party in there and we couldn't get more than a few beats before he/she would move around again.
Shortly after the med student was done, she came back in to tell me that Dr. Nette was called to the hospital for a delivery, but that I could wait for her to come back. that was fine with me, so I waited.

About an hour later, she came back in and said that Dr. Nette was just finishing up and would be there soon.

Then, about 15 minutes after that she came back in and told me that as Dr. Nette was trying to leave, another mother needed her in L&D. I opted at that point just to rebook for the following Wednesday, since there wasn't any pressing issues I needed to discuss.

Later that afternoon, I had my growth ultrasound at the hospital. The tech asked if we knew or wanted to know what we're having and I told her no :) I didn't get to see the screen while she was measuring (baby was still having a party and kicking at the ultrasound tech). Afterwards, she took time to show me the baby, which I really appreciated. The little one was again, munching on his/her fingers, just like at the 21w scan! It was really nice to see how cute the little bugger is!

I will see my OB next Wednesday to find out the results. Fingers crossed that the measurements look better than what's expected!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

27w 1d- First appointment with Dr. Nette

Today I had my first appointment back with my old OB (the one I had in my previous pregnancy). I was so happy to be seeing her.

When I was in the waiting room, I over heard the receptionist calling my previous OB for my medical records (which they had not sent at that point, even though I requested that they send it over ASAP over a week ago-- not cool!).

When I got to see Dr. Nette, she explained that she only had a portion of my file at that point, but would do her best to see my previous OB to get the rest.

We went over everything in such detail. She asked lots of questions and really got to know what was going on with this pregnancy. We went over my kidney issues in great detail. I found out that I passed my 1hr glucose test. She said my iron levels were slightly on the low side of normal, but without my previous blood tests to compare to, she wasn't sure how much they had dropped, so we decided that I should start taking iron supplements just to be cautious.

Then I asked her about my anatomy scan that I had around 21 weeks. When I had the ultrasound done, I was watching the measurements and noticed that many body parts were measuring 1-2 weeks smaller than the gestation I was at. My old OB said that everything was fine, but when Dr. Nette looked at the results (and she took a lot of time doing so), she said that at that point, baby was measuring a week behind on average.

Then we measured my uterus and I am about 2 weeks behind (measuring 25w).

So to be safe (considering Audrina was IUGR before), she ordered another growth scan for the next couple of weeks.

I KNEW that this baby was measuring small. I am so beyond frustrated with how my previous OB seemed to not take the time to go over anything in detail with me. It was always, "everything is good," when I just had a feeling that it might not be so fine.

I am so glad to have my doctor back, and I feel so much more at ease about this pregnancy now. I feel like my concerns are being addressed, that the doctor is paying attention and really reviewing all the medical testing, and that this baby will be looked after as fantastically as DD.

I am hopeful that the anatomy scan shows favorable measurements, but with how little my belly has grown the last few weeks, I am realistic that the ultrasound will probably show the baby is smaller than preferred.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What's Left to Buy?

Given that we're not finding out the sex, and I have a TON of girly stuff saved from Audrina, I don't have quite as much to buy this time. That being said, I am so unorganized that I don't know what I actually need... so here comes the list!

Clothes, etc:
Coming home outfits (one girl, one boy)
10 gender neutral newborn footed pj's
5 gender neutral onesies
5 pairs gender neutral pants
receiving blankets

baby swing
medical kit

crib skirt
2 fitted sheets 
2 changing pad covers
2 pink/dark blue wet bags
critter mobile
crochet crib throw
pictures for walls
Floor mat
Raccoon plushes

Friday, June 20, 2014

26 Weeks

Weight: 132 lbs
Symptoms: right sided kidney pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, lots of baby movement (low), constipation.

So..yes, I have been awful at updating. Let's see.. where to begin.

I had my anatomy scan- and everything looked good according to that. Still on team green! I am really hoping we get through the whole pregnancy without finding out the gender :) The tech was amazing. She told us exactly what she was measuring, and despite the hospital policy, allowed us to take a photo:
My kidney pain is worse...getting pretty bad at this point. I met with my urologist, and he had an ultrasound ordered on my kidneys. Part of me was really trying to convince myself that the pain I was feeling was normal pregnancy stuff, but no, it isn't. This time, BOTH of my kidneys are dilated. The right is the worst.
The positive part is that despite having hydronephrosis in both kidneys, they are still draining somewhat (where as last time my right would not drain at all). My urologist says he wants to avoid stent placement at all costs. It's my call. If I am in too much pain, he'll do it, otherwise, we're leaving it alone.

My most recent Dr's appt was on Wednesday. All is looking good, and I was successfully able to request a transfer back to my old OB- Dr. Nette!!!! She just returned to work this week, and I am ecstatic to be back with her. My current OB just wasn't the right match for me (keeps referring to my problems as kidney stones--when I never have had a stone!!) I see her next week, and I am really looking forward to it. She knows my history, and she's just plain awesome!

Yesterday, I took the day off work due to my discomfort. I went and had my glucose and iron testing done. I am slightly concerned at what the results will be. I've already gained close to 20lbs this diet has not been all that fabulous this time either. A huge part of that is the fact that I am still at work, and eating out much more. At least when I was put off early for sick-leave during my last pregnancy, I was able to cook all my own meals, which are typically a lot healthier!
Which one will it be?

I have also suddenly been super tired lately, which makes me worried about my iron levels. People comment on how pale I am too. Blah.

Despite all the pregnancy drama, I'm still enjoying it very much. I am starting to get really excited for this little one to arrive so we can meet him/her. I finished up the coming home outfits, and I can't wait to find out which one we will use (I will likely donate the other one to the hospital). I really love feeling this baby move...and it moves a ton, just like Audrina did!

As for Audrina, she's doing really well. She is hilarious, and starting to become very interested in this baby that mama is growing.She often lifts up my shirt, grabs my belly and says, "baby come out now!"
I am concerned that she is NOT going to like the baby so much when it's taking up a lot of my attention. She's very much a mama's girl, so it makes me sad that she may feel like the baby is interfering with her mama time. I really struggle with my emotions and the prospect of managing 2 kids. I am terrified. I had no fear having Audrina-- but balancing the needs of two small kiddos is pretty overwhelming to think about.

I have convinced DH that we can absolutely afford to keep her in daycare for 2 days a week after the baby comes. That will ensure her life isn't turned upside down (she loves daycare and seeing her friends) and that I also get some one-on-one time with the newbie.