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Thursday, September 11, 2014

38w 2d - counting down

Waist: 38''
Weight: 144lbs
Symptoms: hemorrhoids from hell, heartburn, lots of pressure and tightness in my lower abdomen, braxton hicks, baby making lots of hard jabs at my cervix, snoring, hard time breathing at night, occasional pain in right, inner thigh tendon when walking, lots of baby movement, fatigue, increased CM (eggwhite to light yellow), increased urination, minimal kidney pain!

Glad to say that I am fully recovered from the food poisoning. Good grief it took at least 5-6 days though. I am now back to eating normal and up to 3 cups of red raspberry leaf tea per day.

The last few days this baby has really wedged itself nice and low into my pelvis. I've been having a wide variety of pains! Increased contractions as well, but nothing regular. Still, I don't know how much longer this pregnancy has...things are definitely getting more challenging and feel "different."

After a full week by myself last week (DD was in daycare full-time still), this week with her home Tues-Thurs has been much more challenging. The poor thing has been pretty bored and it's really tough for me to keep her entertained. I have trouble getting down on the floor to play, keeping up with her, or going out and walking any distance. I think we're both looking forward to tomorrow so that she can see her friends again.

Speaking of tomorrow, I will have my latest check-up with my OB. At my last appointment, she mentioned that we could check for dilation this time...and although I never thought I'd really go for it, I make take her up on the offer if I still feel like things are changing in there!

I am really starting to get antsy now. Knowing that this baby could come at any time, and knowing that labour is approaching (gah!) is on my mind constantly!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

36w 2d - 37w : More drama? Sure.

Weight: 145lbs then down to 142.6lbs
Symptoms: yeast infection, heartburn, lots of movement, fatigue, braxton hicks, hip pain, kidney pain.

Just a recap of my awesome past few days...

Thursday: My manager came in and surprised me with flowers, and a card and told me that after taking me out to lunch that day, I would be free to go home (and they'd pay me for the rest of the week). Yay! Officially done work a day early.

Friday: Went to my weekly OB appointment that afternoon. GBS swab was negative (yay!), but baby was super active again and we couldn't get a good heartrate. My OB sent me up to the hospital to have another strip done. Since she was also on her way up to the hospital, she said she would review the strip herself afterwards to make sure all was ok.

I ended up at the hospital a little longer than planned, since mid-stress test, my doctor had to deliver a baby. lol She reviewed the strip and baby's heartrate looked perfect! Awesome!

Saturday: Woke up feeling yucky, but didn't think much of it. I have had some awful heartburn, so I chalked it up to that. Felt worse and worse as the day went on. Despite that, we decided that we would go to my inlaws for the night to visit for the night. I felt nauseated all day but managed to eat a little supper. Woke up in the middle of the night vomiting multiple times. Eventually it got so bad that I could not stop vomiting. By morning, I called the nurses line, since I couldn't even drink water, and was advised to go to the hospital. I was pretty nervous to go to a hospital I wasn't familiar with, but the staff there were SO great! Everyone was really nice and thorough. I ended up spending the entire day there, getting 2 bags of fluids and gravol to stop vomiting.

Even when I got back to the inlaw's, I couldn't eat.

Sunday: Still not able to eat much more than a few crackers and juice. Exhausted, nauseated, miserable. Came home later that day.

Monday: Still insanely exhausted and can't eat much. Have lost 3lbs.

Tuesday: Able to eat a little more, but not much. Tired out really easy. It's crazy how hard this has hit me. I seriously hope I don't go into labour any time soon, I seriously do not have the strength to give birth right now, and that is scary.

Really hoping I can start to get some nutrients in me so that I start feeling better. I am really worried about this effecting the baby. I also really wanted to use this week to get  stuff done around the house, since it's the last full week that DD will be in daycare. Blah.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

35w - Drama Queen of Pregnancy

Weight: 143lbs
Symptoms: charlie horses in legs at night, nausea, heartburn, fatigue, lots of baby movement, ongoing YI, sore feet, back, bum, ankles, fingers.

Today was my weekly checkup with my OB. We did the usual: weight, pee in cup, measure fundal height, general questions, doppler-- then the fun began.

When the doctor first put the doppler on my belly, I immediately noticed the heartrate sounded quite slow. I'm no expert, so when my doc didn't say anything, I chalked it up to the doppler picking up my heartbeat or something.

Then I hear what sounds like the normal, faster beating. The doc is taking a LONG time listening though. Finally she says, "I'm just listening a little longer. The heartrate sounded slow at first, so I just want to make sure it was just a fluke."

...a few seconds later and the HR suddenly slowed down again.

So after my GBS swab, the doc sent me up to the hospital to have a NST.

Baby was still super active during my NST but I noticed that every time he/she made a big movement, the HR would rise and then drop. Resting HR was about 125-135bpm but when baby moved it would spike as high as 165bmp and drop as low as 109bpm.

After about 45min, the nurses reviewed the strip and said everything looked normal.

I'm still kind of freaked out though. DD never did that, and I had so many NST's with her!

That being said, baby has been insanely active the last 3 days, so I am feeling relief in that fact.

Overall, I am just getting really excited to welcome this baby. I have just over a week and a half left before I stop working (I'm amazed I lasted this long!), and have been getting really antsy about getting the final details finished around the house so we're ready when the baby comes home.

I also can't believe that we still don't know the sex. What an accomplishment! lol

Friday, August 15, 2014

34w 3d - owie :(

Weight: 143lbs
Waist: 37''
Symptoms: lots of cervical jabs (stabbing pain), heartburn, nose bleeds, nausea, extreme fatigue, charlie horses in my legs at night, mild kidney pain, dry skin.

Last week I saw my OB for my latest checkup-- I AM MEASURING ON TRACK! My belly apparently had a huge growth spurt and I am doing great in terms of growth.

Baby is super low and feels completely vertical. The previous few weeks, I had felt more movement more diagonally (head in left hip, feet/bum in mid abdomen). Now I can feel the little bugger's head right down into my pubic bone! It can be quite painful, and I get a lot of sharp cervical jabs throughout the day.

Just from movement alone, I can tell this baby is close to or bigger than Audrina ever was in there. My belly says the same: I was 37'' around at 37 weeks with Audrina! I've never been so happy to be getting big. I am still a little apprehensive about delivery, but obviously this baby won't be a monster...just bigger than my little princess was!

Names for this child are still up in the air. We can't agree on anything. The current ones we've come up with are:

Catherine (Kate)
Mila/ Milania


I still don't even know if I am sold on ANY of those, and DH and I still keep throwing more out there at one another. I'm scared this kid isn't going to have a name!

Last week, I was on vacation and it was awesome. I felt SO great. Spent time with DD and did lots of fun stuff, just me and her. It was really nice to have time with her, and she was such a good girl!

Being back at work this week has been challenging. I am SO uncomfortable. My butt, hips, back, and stomach hurt. I have been having more contractions and feeling just plain icky.

2 more weeks and I am on mat-leave. I cannot wait.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

31w 2d - What was I saying...?

Weight: 138.4lbs
Symptoms: nausea, kidney pain, contractions (maybe?), jittery feeling, heartburn, ankle pain, dry skin.

I saw my OB this morning. I've been feeling really nauseated, like my morning sickness is coming back. I've also been having more kidney pain again, and what feels like contractions (my tummy is tender and hard, but it never seems to stop?)

My OB ordered a urine culture to make sure I don't have an infection, and told me that if the pain keeps up, to go to L&D.

Later this afternoon, I did end up at L&D around 2:30pm. I was hooked up to the monitors and luckly the pressure, hardness and pain were not contractions. The OB ob call ordered an emergency ultrasound on my kidneys, and the results weren't surprising. While my left kidney is about the same as it was in May, my right is even worse and very dilated.

I spoke to my urologist, who happened to be on call and he discussed a stent again. He told me that it was up to me, if I wanted one, and to call him on Friday to discuss.


Just when I thought things might be normal for a while!

I'm just going to take a couple days off from work and see how I feel after resting..

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

30w 1d - Couldn't ask for better news!!!

  I just want to scream from the rooftops!


Only 3 days behind, which is in the normal range. I am ecstatic. If baby keeps growing along this rate, I will have a 7lb baby!

My tummy is still measuring about 1.5 weeks smaller, but that's ok, the ultrasound says baby is looking good! Cord flow and fluid is right on.

Baby is head down (another YAY since he/she was breech at the ultrasound last week).

We also were finally able to get a heart rate for the first time in months (baby is usually way too active to get a rate). 125-135bpm!

My BP is good, my weight is good, my kidneys are giving me minimal discomfort.

I am just going to enjoy this moment of normalcy in my pregnancy. I don't think I have ever had this before!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

29w 1d - lots of appointments

Symptoms: mild kidney pain, tired, lots of movement from baby, yeast infection, nose bleeds, dry skin, nails growing like weeds, nesting like a mad woman.
Weight: 138.4lbs
Today I had lots of appointments.. yay!

First, I was supposed to see my OB this morning, but it didn't happen :( When I got there, everything was great. They put me in one of the patient rooms, and I waited. There was a medical student there, so she came in and went over the routine questions and measurements. She measured me as being 28.5w, but I am not sure the accuracy of her measurement. She tried to find the heartrate, but as usual, baby was having a party in there and we couldn't get more than a few beats before he/she would move around again.
Shortly after the med student was done, she came back in to tell me that Dr. Nette was called to the hospital for a delivery, but that I could wait for her to come back. that was fine with me, so I waited.

About an hour later, she came back in and said that Dr. Nette was just finishing up and would be there soon.

Then, about 15 minutes after that she came back in and told me that as Dr. Nette was trying to leave, another mother needed her in L&D. I opted at that point just to rebook for the following Wednesday, since there wasn't any pressing issues I needed to discuss.

Later that afternoon, I had my growth ultrasound at the hospital. The tech asked if we knew or wanted to know what we're having and I told her no :) I didn't get to see the screen while she was measuring (baby was still having a party and kicking at the ultrasound tech). Afterwards, she took time to show me the baby, which I really appreciated. The little one was again, munching on his/her fingers, just like at the 21w scan! It was really nice to see how cute the little bugger is!

I will see my OB next Wednesday to find out the results. Fingers crossed that the measurements look better than what's expected!